Life as a Cat

My day starts with feeding every mouth in this house but mine. When I get up I am greeted by never ending questions, a wag of a tail and a battle cry of the most ravenous creature in this house. In case one has not noticed you can come to the edge of starvation in the period of 8 hours. Two legged and four legged creatures stand to be fed. After that content and silence settles, but only for a little while.
What would you do without them, life would be lonely and boring…..

THAT is what she thinks, I, on the other hand got up this morning, got released LAST out of my nightly confinement,  arranged, so I do not honor various horizontal areas with my presence. I am OK with it as long as my price consists of more than a few tasty pebbles, which is rather rare, but felis catus go for 1 out of 10 any day. One of the things humans do not understand applies to our entire life, if you get punished 9 times for something that is miniscule in the greater scheme of things, the one time you get away with it defines your life and gives you hope that the ever-watching eye either developed some sort of age related malfunction or simply gave up to the higher individual in the house. What can I say I am up 2 out of 25, which is winning in my book!

To be continued…



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