Hairy encounters

Living with three hairy critters, eager to leave traces of such behind everywhere possible and impossible, I find myself again in a daily battle of the cleaning devices.
I love a clean house, but I hate cleaning, it only gives you temporary satisfaction, it is like sisyphus’ task, impossible to resolve and ever repeating. There is nothing though that comes close to walking through your clean house after hours of achieving this temporary state, it just feels different. It seems to feel different to everyone else as well, two or four legged, because they seem to enjoy bringing it back to the pre-clean state in no time.

When I got my dog Nora, I had a few really nerve wrecking weeks. Not really because she was hard to train, in fact I am sure she wasn’t really a dog, just posed as one, she never broke anything, never messed with things that didn’t have the name dog toy stamped on it and never had accidents in the house, hard to believe but true… but because of the one thing she couldn’t help, shedding. So frenzy set in, along with an overuse of the Miele Vac…. until I decided, either I hire a maid (virtually impossible, not only because of the costs, but also because of my trust issues, nobody would clean as good as I would and what about the rags she would bring from cleaning other people’s houses?) or I just let go and start yoga.
I did the latter, let go, not start yoga, that happened a few years later after the birth of another contributor of diversified substances to join the hair already accumulating everywhere.
Nora taught me an important life lesson, she did not care if the house was spotless, nor did she care if things were not at the right spot, she actually enjoyed finding things that were not really of value, like what’s left of a papertowel roll, dropped food or the occasional spider that found its way into the house. She taught me that I am still happy even if my house isn’t, she taught me that my time was better spent throwing balls for her and taking long walks and she taught me that looking back those 13 years I did not spent any time with useless things that I would regret not having spent with her.


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