drives me crazy

Ever wonder… driving in your car…. why everyone but yourself lacks the ability to drive? Happens to me every day!
Dropping your child off at school…. seems like people check common sense, brain and sensitivity at the door, car door that is, upon entering the vehicle.

Dropping off your kid at school is an adventure in itself. Did you know that there is no such thing as following instructions posted on school grounds and that you have to get mad when this is pointed out? The teacher standing there in the freezing cold, sub-zero temps, early in the morning, not even a warming cup of coffee in hand, the teacher that stands there to make sure nobody gets hit, not an easy task, btw, this teacher who tries his or her best to teach your child something for 8 + hours each day, he or she is all of a sudden the enemy, because he or she dared to mention you are not really following procedure on school grounds.

To make matters worse, each car has the right of way no matter where. People pull out in front of you without as much as a glance, not to mention a look over the shoulder.
Yeah, why bother, the person beside you surely sees your big, gas sucking SUV or truck, why else would you drive such a big drain on resources and the environment other than to make up for lack of talent. You surely will be seen in it.
Now add the Colorado winter to the mixture and it gets interesting quickly. In Colorado, for those unknown to the area, we mix a pinch of salt to lots of gravel, makes a nice pattern on the windshield and an even nicer road experience. If you think people can’t drive on the sunny side, watch out in winter : )

I have in the past laughed at people telling me stories about how often they use  their horn, a largely neglected item in Northern Europe, but vital in the Southern parts and so it seems Colorado. Not anymore, I cannot count how many times I basically saved my vehicle from being hit by someone driving on the cell, trying to apply make-up while feeding a toddler in the back.
Seriously, there is a time and place for multitasking, would you want your surgeon eating breakfast and answering emails while performing an appendectomy on you? Anyway if you are not a woman you CANNOT multitask, so do not attempt.

When has the world become largely occupied by people only concerned about themselves (well, yeah, stupid question, but one can hope)? Think about it when you speed through a residential area, late again, on your way to school, your child safely in your car…. we are out there as well.


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