Doggone again

Puppies are like little children, aside from the fact that everything goes in their mouths, they can also be fooled very easily. I remember when my daughter was very little, she believed with all her heart that I see and know everything. Whenever she got in trouble mom could tell right away, it stunned her and it made me superhuman in her eyes. And didn’t it feel great!

This morning, while vacuuming…. a pleasure recently discussed, a small mountain of cat and dog hair off my carpets, the dog, as usual, following me and the loud yellow monster around, standing on the cord (when will they invent a cordless functioning vacuum, I ask) jumping in delight when both of us came too close…. she suddenly wanders off. Next thing  I know, she stands there looking at me. I don’t know if you have a dog, but you can always, always tell when they are up to something. Eyes locked, white showing, tail a bit tucked, thinking hard…

The first thought that crossed my mind: Did she go soil my floors somewhere… ? This hasn’t happened in quite a while, but nevertheless, I go around checking the usual places, especially behind the curtains, a sure spot in our house. When she was a bit smaller, just after that period in each dog’s life when you say “no” and they think “yeah right”, it dawned on her that it truly wasn’t such a good idea to do outside business inside, well, let’s say do it and get caught. That’s when she started to get creative.
I have long sheer curtains on my big windows, they mound a little on the floors. I do not know how, but I know exactly when she started to wrap her large presents in the curtains. Picture this, you smell it but you can’t see it, you follow your nose like a hound yourself, going through all the up to then usual places, all the while the little one lays looking guilty somewhere out of reach watching you closely. Do not ask me how she did it, I never watched the actual wrapping, but I definitely took part in the unveiling. My curtains have never been washed that often, luckily she switched around, so eventually every curtain in the house got washed once or twice. Oh, what would I give to read the thoughts that go with the face : )

Anyway, this search proofed to be unsuccessful, thank heavens, but she still followed me around with that look on her face.
So I decide why not take her outside to avoid any later problems. At the door, putting her leash on, she drops a tiny metal cylinder at my feet and looks at me happily. Probably a cap of my daughters mechanical pencil… children…dogs…

There are moments when she doesn’t look guilty, but prances around proud and happy until I notice she has something in her mouth …AGAIN, just like my daughter used to do, when I did not catch her immediately. The smart, no fun thing to do would be to enjoy what you got, swallow it, play with it, whatever, not show it off only to loose it and never see it again. Makes you wonder, is it less fun doing something forbidden when nobody knows about it, or do they just want to make sure ever-present, all-seeing mom isn’t out of a job?

They sure are funny though (both kids and dogs), looking back…. getting the large ladder out of the garage to get the curtains down for the fifth time in a week, they surely aren’t.


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