Right Brain and the problems with it…

My daughter is in 5th grade and has straight A’ s aside from Math where she continues to struggle with a B. I do not feel too bad about it, since in my opinion she is like her mother right brained. Even though I became an Architect, the mathematical side of the equation lost to creativity every day, not to say my designs couldn’t be safely built, but that’s another story.

Her strength is writing stories, sometimes at a level higher than most adults I know could accomplish… here  my struggle begins… Her new language arts teacher seems not to understand that sometimes with creativity, unfortunately in my hormone distracted 11 year old’s case, all the time, comes absent mindedness and forgetfulness.
Today I checked powerschool, a nice tool, if the teacher actually updates it more than once a month, to follow your child’s progress in grades. Looking at her language arts page, I notice all A+ up until the 22. of this month where we find three F for missed class assignments. She never brought this home, I check and monitor homework for said reasons, and I previously asked the teacher to see to what happens in class, something I cannot control, to help get a handle on this.
Now, granted we had this discussion (teacher and myself) a few times before, came to the result to let her make an assignment list, we end up here once again. Grade will not recover and my daughter, whom I will ask about these missed assignments this afternoon, will be highly disappointed once again, to end up with a B+ instead of an A+ in her report card. I think this will eventually discourage her from even trying, something this teacher obviously does not understand.
I ask, why not contact me or talk to her about things missing, when you know she can do them? I understand the need to be responsible for certain things, but with puberty kicking in and considering they are not in middle or high school, shouldn’t they be allowed to make up for it?
Obviously there is something going on and I emailed said teacher for a meeting. I used to sub for a few years and I know what is going on in classrooms, but you also make a distinctions and show some interest in your students. This one would have never contacted me, nor talked to my daughter, if I wouldn’t have initiated it. She just put an F between all those A pluses.

What has happened that you choose a profession and it becomes a job?

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