. . . white out . . .

Spring was in the air, up until a few hours ago when someone up there decided it is time for another snow storm.

The weather man warned us, red flags up and dutifully all shopping has been done in preparing for a “might-be-an-awful-spring-storm-or-blizzard” event. We are set, but nevertheless watch with one eye sparkling in hope for some much needed moisture and one eye sad, dreading another few days of snow shoveling, watching the puppy having fun while neglecting her business out there me freezing my behind off, and of course because my mind was set on spring… bushes starting to turn green, some even blooming, a spring that would have come early, an end to Colorado’s beige interlude.

I am ready for green, I am ready for color and tired of shades of brown. My daughter’s only comment, “no snow days : ( why does this happen during spring break”???






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