Wishful Thinking

There are people who are never happy with what they’ve got. In the summer it is too hot, in the winter it is too cold, too much work and they are stressed, not enough work and they are bored, you get my drift…

One thing’s for sure I am definitely not one of those summer complainers. I endure the winter, I enjoy the occasional snow, when I do not have to go anywhere, but I long for the summer as soon as the leaves start to fall. You can always shed clothes, but I never seem to get warm in the winter, no matter what. After a while I hate wearing all those layers, they restrict me, you are never comfortable…

My daughter on the other hand is one of those funny people, after a sweaty day at the barn, horses clean – we filthy, she starts to dream about the winter… “I wish it would snow, it is soooo hot, I cannot bare it anymore!” Sound familiar, it does to me, because as soon as the snow starts falling, aside from those fortunate few days that rescue her from school, she dreams about summer, all the things she cannot do now, but will be able to do then..

I know for sure, no doubt in my mind, I hate being out at the barn in the winter, wind blowing cold, sand, not snow drifting, because of the never ending drought here, trying to make my fingers comply, trying to get the girth tightened over the thick winter coat… Then spring comes and you wish you would be rich and have someone else swallow handfulls of horse hair. There is less more discomforting than a shedding horse, it isn’t over for weeks and you end up going home impersonating your fellow four-legged friend carrying around more hair you ever grew yourself in a life time..

Then summer comes and it is all worth it… so no complaining here all summer long, no matter how hot it gets!

And you guessed it, we are currently looking once again at a white landscape…


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  1. Steph says:

    I cannot tell you how much I relate to this! I do so much hibernating in the winter my horse, Max, barely recognizes me in the Spring! Poor boy! :o)…It’s so hot here in mid-summer it’s almost as hard for me to get out into it as it is in the Winter! It’s a confusing and losing battle. However, my favorite times of the year are Spring through Fall. I love it when Max is fluffy and when he’s sleek! I’m more comfortable in less clothes! LOL! Those layers are fefinately more than I can handle even from the beginning. It’s snowing on this 2nd day of January 2010…and…I’m impatiently waiting for the first signs of Spring! :o)

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