A New Endeavor

I just started my Etsy store, what a rush… but what stress as well. Like I need any more of this… husband just got back from overseas, looking for work, enrolling into college, kid starts High School after the summer, parents visiting, record temperatures this spring (in the triple digits, what the …) and on top of that this huge wild fire threatening the city. I guess I have perfect timing.

My newest edition is a bracelet that is made almost completely of Larimar, a beautiful blue stone only found in the Dominican Republic.

A few summers ago my daughter and I had a wonderful vacation in the Dominican Republic. During a walk on the beach we found a round blue seed that had washed up on the beach, it was surrounded by shells of the same color. Later on taking a tour on the island, I discovered this beautiful blue stone. We took some pieces of Larimar home with us, because it reminded us of that beautiful piece of art nature gave us that day. This bracelet is a reminder of a memorable summer walk on the beach.

Blue seed with shellsFeatured on my Etsy store, click image to get there

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