B r e a d

Went to Whole Foods today, tried their new rustic bread with poppy seeds and I am hooked. What a treat. It will become my new favorite for sure.

I remember moving here from Germany almost 15 years ago and missing so many essentials, like a good bread with an actual crust. Baked most myself back in the days, just never warmed up to the spongy stuff that calls itself bread here. Americans, if you have never been to Europe you do not know what you are missing! Food is a pleasure in Europe not just a necessity. You have to enjoy what you eat. As a woman battling my metabolism more fiercely each year, every wasted calorie on mediocre food is a sin. If I have to watch what I eat to avoid swimming more and more laps each morning, I need to enjoy it.

Going into a bakery in Germany is like going to heaven, not just the breads and rolls, the cake and pastry as well. Going to “the mall” something that pops up more and more, is mainly interesting for me because you find all these food specialty stores, Italian prosciutto and parmesan in one corner, Greek dolmades and salad in the other… My first few years I missed the food that much I think I went grocery shopping in my dreams every night, what a disappointment waking up in the morning without a full cart. 15 years later it is not that bad anymore, thanks to stores like Whole Foods.


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