The Walking Dead

I don’t know who or what got me hooked on this show, but I definitely am. I am wondering why that is, it is not the gore that’s for sure. I never liked those movies that just lived on blood. So what is it? I think what intrigues everyone is the question, would I survive during a zombie apocalypse? Well, that could stand for any impending disaster, but would I and what would it take? I can barely kill a spider in my house, how would I do? I know I could live off my pantry for months, lol, that might be the German in me, always organized…

I think the intriguing thing about that series is that it makes you think about your ties, the emotional ones for one, it makes you ponder about human nature and who to trust.. it makes you rethink your emergency plans, let’s be honest, we might not find zombies on our door any time soon, but a there are pandemics lurking..

Then I wonder what kind of person would survive the longest, the peaceful, loving, compassionate one, the hunter/soldier, or a mix, and is a mix really possible? Looking at the show, the peaceful existences like Dale and Milton did not make it too long, but neither did Shane..

Anyway, season just ended and I will share the signs of withdrawal with my fellow fans for sure 🙂


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