I have been busy working on new designs for hand warmers, they do tend to sell really good and I am always looking for new fresh things to add for the next season.

The only problem I encounter is that my dearest daughter wants to snatch up everything I make, which is a good thing since she falls right into my target group.

I have been playing with some wonderful Malabrigo yarn, there are so many colors out there it is hard to pick a favorite.  The yarn is perfect for this project, it is a little thicker than fingering and has a slight felt to it. It is not too thick to feel bulky but still keeps you warm.

I don’t remember where I saw these wrist warmers for the first time but I do recall that my first thought was, who would wear this, do they even make sense? They really don’t keep your fingers warm… but do they really have to? I realized sometimes you wear a shirt with shorter sleeves or you want something pretty sticking out of your jacket or coat sleeves. I ran this by my teenager and she immediately loved them. She swears them to school and got quite a few compliments. I guess I will see next season, I knit one for myself and I intend to wear them.



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