Fermentation Projects | 01 | August 2014

Organic peaches, pink peppercorns, thyme and rosemary in honey.




Put everything in a very clean fido jar and let sit at room temperature for a few days. Depending on the temperature you will notice bubbles as soon as the second day which is a sign that fermentation is happening. Keep a close eye on it so no pressure builds up, taste test after a few days. If this ferment sits too long it might have some alcohol content.

Great addition to the 2f MK (second milk kefir ferment), on ice cream or simply as a snack.

Notes: I haven’t noticed any alcohol content, even after 15 days, the pepper is very strong when letting the ferment sit too long, the peaches get rather soft, I liked this ferment best after 7-8 days.

IMG_2361 IMG_2363

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