Fermentation Project | 03 | September 2014

Just harvested a bunch of lemon squash, like with most squash, if you do not keep an eye on them they get huge. They are funny little critters that seem to grow when you aren’t looking. Sometimes they hide and get so huge all you can do is cut them open and use the seeds for next year. These little organic, GMO free beauties are best when harvested young. They can be prepared like zucchini and they add a very nice color to any dish. I personally love to eat them raw.

With that many ripe at once and a bit of a fermentation craze going in my house, I figured I will try to preserve them in a ferment. There are a lot of contradicting opinions regarding the fermentation of zucchini out there, most people claim they get too mushy. I read some have better results with a stronger salt brine, so I used a 4% with this and added a grape leaf. Keeping my fingers crossed.





Lemon Squash, cut into slices

Carots, sliced


Pickling Spices

Grape Leaf

4% salt brine

Add all ingredients into a clean fido jar, fill with the brine and cover with a fermentation weight.

I will let this sit at room temperature for a few days, then move it to the basement or fridge and check back in 3 weeks.


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