Lilac Sugar Baby

A few years ago I saw a beautiful post about infusing sugar with lilac. I am an avid tea drinker and love to bake, and if you have read anything on here, no novice to bold experiments in the kitchen. In the few days between winter storms and spring blizzards we were gifted with some summer like temperatures and my lilac bushes decided to go into full bloom. I seized the opportunity.

There is nothing more sensual than the fragrance of lilac, well, maybe honeysuckle, wait fresh cut grass, hay, roses, ok maybe there is, but nevertheless, it shouts to you “do something with me, I deserve to be preserved”.

So I did.

Here is what and how:


Today’s forecast showed a strong spring storm approaching, with heavy snowfall, which isn’t that uncommon in Colorado and temperatures below freezing. The perfect time to salvage my precious lilac, come Sunday most of it might have succumbed to frost.

I have a pesticide free organic garden, which makes it easy to simply pick things and use them without worry.



A few small flowerstalks is enough for a regular mason jar. Wash the flowers and make sure they are completely dried before you infuse the sugar or you will end up with clumps. I cut the flowers off, but you can simply pinch them if you are not planning for a photo shoot. Fill your mason jar with the sugar and the petals and mix well.


Set the jar in a dark place for 1-2 weeks and mix them daily by simply shaking the jar gently. Sift out the dried petals, this will be rather tedious and enjoy your infused sugar in tea or sprinkled on some scones. How is really up to you.


IMG_8116 copyIMG_8120IMG_8128

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